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Here to make a difference.

Common grounds

Individuals have always been part of communities: spaces with shared values, beliefs, interests and behaviors. Today, these communities are growing and diversifying at an incredibly fast pace. Common grounds have taken new forms, making them easily accessible for like-minded people to express who they are and what they stand for.

The ones who can change narratives and shape culture, are community frontrunners. They are the influencers of today. To be relevant within the right communities and become part of their culture, we believe that brands need to connect and co-create with these credible voices.

That is what we do at Combo. We create strategic crossovers with communities. We understand the brand fundamentals and bring true value by adding different perspectives to our approach.

As a creative influencer marketing agency, we want to lead by example and bring more transparency to the industry landscape. We do this by keeping conversations, negotiations and creations at the round table.

Driven by our mission and core values

Founded by the same entrepreneurs that have a 10-year long proven track record in leading by mission and values at social-first agency Home – and working with brands ranging from Amnesty to IKEA – Combo is our newborn agency with a common goal to ‘create a more inclusive tomorrow’ at its core. We believe that all campaigns have the potential to not only change the narrative around a brand or product, but also to positively influence our society.