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Tommy Jeans TikTok Launch

Launching the Tommy Jeans brand on TikTok by providing creativity a platform


Tommy Jeans is Tommy Hilfiger’s streetwear sub brand. The brand is focussing on Gen Z, and especially on the ‘new creatives’. Tommy Jeans was planning to launch it’s TikTok channel. How do you successfully take an established brand to TikTok? An environment in which most branded content doesn’t thrive.

Community insights

Tommy Jeans as a brand had not yet made an official debut on TikTok, but it had already gained extensive visibility on the platform with 44.3 million views before launching its official account. This indicated that people were already incorporating the brand into their content. Acknowledging this, and recognizing that TikTok is a space where the audience fosters creativity, why not leverage that and provide a platform for creative expression?

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The Creative Exchange

In the Creative Exchange, we let artists shine in their own communities, doing what they do best: creating pieces of TikTok Art, including the iconic Tommy Jeans brand. We gave them the creative freedom, and provided them with the Tommy Jeans platform to share their creativity.

Community Frontrunners

We selected community frontrunners from various creative domains, such as sculpture, makeup, dance, illustration, and digital art. All these community frontrunners were already active on TikTok, contributing to the narrative in their respective communities.

Each community frontrunner created content in which they established a connection to the Tommy Jeans brand. Furthermore, we created duets in which the frontrunner explained to their own community how the art piece was created.

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  • 1 Mil.

    - organic reach. The campaign achieved an organic reach of more than 1 million views, serving as the kick-start for the Tommy Jeans TikTok platform.

  • 43,4K

    - TikTok followers The campaign was a kick-start for the Tommy Jeans TikTok account, which now has over 43.4K followers

This campaign was developed together with Home, Combo’s partner agency.